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Why Private Credit?


Uncorrelated to public markets

Private credit investments demonstrate low correlation with financial markets in comparison to publicly traded assets such as stocks and bonds. This lack of correlation implies that the returns on private credit investments exhibit independence from broader movements in the financial market.


Asset-Backed Lending

Asset-backed lending is when a borrower uses their assets as collateral to secure a loan, and if they can’t repay, the lender can take those assets. Private credit with it's flexibility and bespoke approach, takes advantage of cash generating assets entering into asset-backed lending, utilizing the borrower's assets as collateral.



Private credit offers borrowers with unique financial circumstances the advantage of bespoke loan terms and repayment schedules. This enables borrowers to customise the arrangements to suit their needs better.


Underserved by banks

Banks tend to be conservative and follow increasingly strict lending criteria, favoring large corporate loans and public securities. In contrast, private credit has wider investment mandate, make faster lending decisions, and bespoke approach to each transaction.


Geographical Reach

Banks operate only in the market with a banking license, and each local country bank is independent, focusing only on that local country market. Private credit is genuinely global, catering to borrowers in multiple counties and underserved geographical regions, offering them much-needed financial services.

Why consumer and
SME loans

Investing in consumer and SME loans is an emerging and fast-growing part of the private credit universe. As banks retreated from lending retail and SME lending after 2008, they have left the last mile lending to non-bank lenders with lower customer acquisition costs, fine-tuned credit scoring models, and strong digital presence. The banking retreat has created a burgeoning sector of finance where innovative products came to fruition.

Accessing capital markets is crucial for non-bank lenders with no cheap deposit base to rely on as banks do. The need for ample capital has created innovative capital markets products ranging from loan warehousing, to bond issuances, and peer to peer investing.

Consumer and SME loan portfolios are suitable for asset-backed lending transactions as they possess many desirable properties like:

(1) diversification across thousands of small loans
(2) stable and predictable cash flows
(3) relatively short duration
(4) high margin achieved by the non-bank lenders

What we do

We are an asset manager and fully licensed asset-backed lending platform backed by private credit funds, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. We provide wholesale loan facilities for up to 36 months to borrowers with cash generating assets like consumer and SME loan portfolios.

Our platform facilitates the seamless issuance and sale of privately placed bonds, allowing our borrowers to raise debt capital as needed. We prefer long-term relationships that enable our borrowers to grow their business together with us.

We facilitate the issuance of debt securities

Investors subscribe to the securities

We monitor investment performance and covenants

Our performance

Despite thorough credit assessment and deal acceptance rate below 10%, since 2019, we have helped more than ten non-bank lending companies to tap into Asian capital private markets.

Eligibility Requirements

Cash generating asset’s net value is greater than $10 million (e.g. loan portfolio)
The company is rapidly growing
Qualified management team
Solid risk management practices

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