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We transform your loan portfolio into deal-ready private debt securities. We help you to issue and sell these debt securities at our investment platform.

We arrange the issuance of debt securities

Investors subscribe the securities

We monitor debt performance and covenants

Who we are looking for


management team


Solid risk management


Loan portfolio
greater than $3M


market expertise


2+ years of experience
in the market


High potential

Our Borrowers

UnaFinancial makes innovations serve for the benefit of customers in everyday life since its launch back in 2015. UnaFinancial is a fintech ecosystem represented in 7 markets in Europe and Asia, offering easy-to-use digital cross-border financial solutions.

UnaFinancial strives to build financial ecosystem for the underserved to provide real financial empowerment. Over the years, the company has served more than 12 mln customers, issuing loans to cover unforeseen expenses, medical expenditures and bill payments.

To date, UnaFinancial has disbursed over 1 Bn USD worth of loans to customers, helping them build their credit history, while assisting in closing their financial needs.

Launched in December 2019, Atome empowers a new generation of digital-savvy, mobile-first consumers by giving them smarter access to their aspirations. Atome partners over 5,000 leading online and offline retailers across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and homeware, with services available in 9 markets across Southeast Asia and Greater China.

Atome's powerful AI enables savvy consumers to access a diverse range of lifestyle brands and services matched to individual passions and means. With flexible interest-free payments, personalised controls and a commitment to develop best-in-class features, Atome empowers its users to own their passions in their own time. In turn, merchants benefit from higher sales driven by new customers empowered across generations.

HPT Homecredit Indonesia (HCID) was founded in 2013 and is part of a leading global consumer finance provider operating since 1997. HCID is a market leader in its region. Supported by a robust in-house credit scoring and fully automated underwriting process, the company aims to lend responsibly to underserved consumers who have little to no credit history.

Group’s near-term strategy is to focus on accelerating digital offerings, increasing customer engagement, improving operational efficiencies, and concentrating on customer lifetime profitability.

IuteCredit is a leading European fintech company and consumer loans provider, established in 2008 in Estonia, and operating across the Balkan peninsula. The company provides payment and consumer finance services,  which include buy-now pay-later, cash installment loans, car loans and credit cards. IuteCredit serves more than 245,000 customers through 46 branches across 5 countries,  with 1746 point of sales. The company has been profitable since the beginning of its operations, and has issued more than EUR 108 million of loans.

Reevoy is an invoice factoring company supporting Indian exporters across 11 markets, with a mission to create tech-powered, quality-assured supply chains for fashion and home-décor between India and the world. Reevoy purchases confirmed invoices from Indian exporters and gets paid by retail chains operators in the USA and European Union. The Company has a highly automated underwriting workflow connected with customs systems in real-time.
Founded by ex. BCG, Deutsche Bank, and Flixbus team, Reevoy has seen a rapid growth of the loan book since its launch in January 2021, and raised $4 million in a seed round earlier this year. Reevoy is technically integrated with Indian customs bureau and importers credit scoring agencies.

Stikcredit was established in 2013 to fill in an existing gap in consumer finance in Bulgaria and South Eastern Europe. The company has since grown to become one of the leaders in innovation in the market. Stikcredit is a consumer-centric company that focuses on speed, automation, and excellent customer experience. A comprehensive loan management system and sophisticated credit scoring models provide Stikcredit with a significant competitive edge in the region.

Evergreen Finance is an established and regulated online lending business operating in the UK for nearly a decade, issuing personal loans through the brand Leveraging on big data and analytics, the Evergreen promotes responsible lending and financial inclusion with a rigorous focus on risk management while keeping an organic growth of the business.
The majority of the customers are UK residents, typically working-class individuals, who are unable to access short-term credit from banks in a timely and convenient manner. These underbanked customers become clients of Evergreen to meet unexpected expenses or household bills, gifts, holidays.

Singaporean fintech providing easy and highly accessible financing for personal mobility, and the vision to become the biggest personal mobility solution provider in Southeast Asia.

Established in 2018, Fundbox aims to support the purchase of mobility devices especially by the people performing delivery services using  frictionless platform. The Company is extremely involved in the community ecosystem and promotes strong and ethical collection principles.

Onboarding Process


sign LOI and NDA

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undergo due diligence

Share financial and performance reports, and required KYC/AML docs

define terms and conditions

Set credit limits and covenants according to your profile

sign the contract

We are almost there!

initiate the funding process

Issue new debt securities and manage your borrowings

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