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Attractive regular income investments are reserved for professional investors. Individual investors are left with meagre returns that are not enough to cover inflation.

Kilde brings high-yield and low-risk regular income to people like you and us.

Your investment goes to leading consumer and lending firms. In return, they use your funds to give sustainable loans to underbanked consumers and SMEs.

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Leading consumer and SME lending firms empowering underbanked customers

Headquartered in Singapore, Robocash Group is a leading consumer lending services provider, serving customers across 8 markets in Asia and Europe. The group is providing a diverse range of lending products, including installment loans, salary loans, and buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) financing. Since its inception in 2013, Robocash has issued over US$2,6 billion of loans to more than 23,5 million of customers, leveraging its proprietary technology, excellent customer care, an experienced management team and over 2,000 employees.
Founded in 2018, Atome has grown to become one of Asia’s leading buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) platforms. Since its inception, Atome has issued over US$1.8bn in loans and is present in 10 key markets —namely, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. Atome has partnered with over 10,000local and global retail brands and retailers including international brands such as Nike, Tissot, Sephora, and Zalora amongst others, across a wide range of verticals including fashion, beauty, and more.
Established in Singapore in 2018, Fundbox is a platform that powers up micro-mobility adoption by offering affordable installment loans to delivery riders for the purchase of e-bikes and motorcycles. Fundbox has helped more than 5,000 customers by issuing over 4,200 loans in Singapore. The company has been  profitable since inception, has shown consistent growth of the loan book and strong customer engagement. Fundbox’s Easyride app allows customers to apply and obtain approval for the installment plan to purchase e-mobility devices within 5 minutes.
Reevoy Group is a UK-based  invoice factoring company supporting Indian exporters in 11 markets globally. Over 90% of the invoices are originated from mature markets such as the USA, the UAE and the United Kingdom. Founded by ex. BCG team and backed by top VC funds in India, Reevoy has seen a rapid growth of the loan book since its launch in January 2021, and raised US$4 million in a seed round earlier this year. Reevoy’s integrated tech platform is a one-stop destination for importers to find the right exporters and purchase the goods on credit.
Stikcredit is an innovative fintech lending company established in 2013 to fill a gap in the consumer finance market in Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe. Since inception, Stikcredit has issued more than US$50 million of loans, fortifying its position as one of the leaders in innovation on the market. The company has been consistently showing strong user growth, with over 26,000 active customers of which 70% are returning customers. Stikcredit’s competitive edge is a mixture of cutting-edge technology and operational excellence.
HPT Homecredit Indonesia (HCID) was founded in 2013 and is part of a leading global consumer finance provider operating since 1997. HCID is a market leader in its region. Supported by a robust in-house credit scoring and fully automated underwriting process, the company aims to lend responsibly to underserved consumers who have little to no credit history. Group’s near-term strategy is to focus on accelerating digital offerings, increasing customer engagement, improving operational efficiencies, and concentrating on customer lifetime profitability.
Evergreen Finance is a regulated online lending business operating in the UK for nearly a decade, issuing personal loans through the brand Moneyboat.co.uk. Evergreen promotes responsible lending and financial inclusion with a rigorous focus on risk management while keeping an organic growth of the business. The majority of the customers are UK residents, typically working-class individuals, who are unable to access short-term credit from banks. These underbanked customers become clients of Evergreen to meet unexpected expenses or household bills, gifts, holidays.
IuteCredit is a leading European fintech company and consumer loans provider, established in 2008 in Estonia, and operating across the Balkan peninsula. The company provides payment and consumer finance services,  which include buy-now pay-later, cash installment loans, car loans and credit cards. IuteCredit serves more than 245,000 customers through 46 branches across 5 countries,  with 1746 point of sales. The company has been profitable since the beginning of its operations, and has issued more than EUR 108 million of loans.

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