We make it easy for institutions and individuals
to invest in private debt.

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12.1% Average Net Return


Deal Flow

What we offer

Private bonds secured by collateral

Monthly coupons

Term 3-36 months

Recommended investment from $10,000


  • Kilde is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Institutional grade quality checks
  • Customer funds safeguarded by DBS Bank
  • Investment is protected by collateral

We have 50,000+ individual loans as collateral with 160%+ cash coverage of the investment

20M+ data points on loans and repayments

Data transformation & standartisation

Collateral aging breakdown


Collateral cash flow rolling forecast (95% accuracy, 6 months ahead)

Investment thesis


we make it easy for institutions and high-net-worth individuals to invest in private debt


our products offer safe and controlled investments to consumer and SME lending firms, giving investors a diversified portfolio with smart risk management


our customers become bondholders receiving fixed returns from the issuers (non-banking financial institutions)