Training the Mind with Martial Arts

Training the Mind with Martial Arts
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21 April 2022

How mental skills required in martial arts are transferable to entrepreneurship and beyond

In this Business Times article, Kilde's CEO and Co-Founder Radek Jezbera explores his relationship with martial arts, specifically, Aikido and Systema, and shares how they helped shape the mindset for his journey as entrepreneur.

The martial arts' philosophy flows smoothly into the business and daily life, and is underpinned by a few valuable concepts:

  • the human body experiences stress in the same way, whether it is in a fight or in a client meeting, so training to stay calm on a mat, helps in coping with stress at work;
  • the source of infinite possibilities lies in the ability to look at things in life with the "eyes of a child", in a curious way, without assumptions and expectations;
  • perfection comes with repetition, and those who progress, are those who simply do not quit;
  • consistent practice, whether on the mat, or in a business setting, builds automatic reflexes stored in sub-consciousness and retrieved when needed.

The beginner's mind allows to learn from one aspect of one's life and apply the findings to progress in other aspects.

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