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June 28, 2021

Kilde partnered with Robocash to fund their loan portfolio through issuance of private bond

Aleksandra Yurchenko

Kilde has partnered with Robocash, a highly innovative lending group, operating across 7 countries.

Subject of the partnership with Kilde is funding of Robocash's consumer loan portfolio through issuance of debt securities. You may find more details in Robocash's press release HERE.

When selecting a new deal provider on our platform, we focus on analysing their finances and loan portfolios, as well as technology and lending practices. Robocash ticks all the boxes.The group is serving underbanked customers providing buy now pay later, short-term loans, instalment and salary loans  to tech-savvy borrowers online, in line with ethical lending practices.  

Within a few weeks, our data science team, supported by our in-house tech, were able to run a rigorous analysis of Robocash group’s loan portfolio located in 7 countries, understand its past and current dynamics, and apply our algorithms to make predictions for its performance for the next 12 months.  

Since inception in 2013, Robocash has issued more than $1B of loans. In 2020, it has reported revenue of $130M and a net profit of $24M. Robocash employs more than 1,000 people out of which 200 IT developers. Robocash provides consumer loans in the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Spain, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Apart from consumer lending, it is about to launch a fully licensed digital bank in two of these countries.

For further information about Robocash and any additional questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at Sign up HERE and start investing with us.

About the author

Aleksandra Yurchenko

Aleksandra is managing investor relations at KILDE, a regulated platform for alternative investments. KILDE is powering digital lending firms with debt capital to reach underbanked customers in South East Asia.


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