Published on 
March 20, 2023

Engaging Attractive Private Credit Opportunitites with Michael Stanhope and Radek Jezbera

Aleksandra Yurchenko

At the recent Independent Wealth Management Forum in Dubai, Hubbis Founder & CEO Michael Stanhope had an insightful conversation with Kilde's Co-Founder and CEO Radek Jezbera, exploring the alluring world of private credit opportunities. They compared the performance of private credit with public fixed income products and delved into the nuances that make private markets so attractive to investors. Of course, with any investment comes some level of risk, and the pair candidly discussed the liquidity risk associated with private markets. Radek emphasized the importance of pro-active management in private credit deals as a way to mitigate borrower default risk.

Immerse yourself in their engaging dialogue by watching the full video below.

About the author

Aleksandra Yurchenko

Aleksandra is managing investor relations at KILDE, a regulated platform for alternative investments. KILDE is powering digital lending firms with debt capital to reach underbanked customers in South East Asia.


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