Published on 
November 13, 2023

Q4 Headwinds: Mitigating Market Risks and Associated Challenges

Nay Aung

In the latest CIO Chartbook, CIGP explore some of the major risks facing markets:

  • High inflation continues to bite. Aggressive rate hikes by the Fed aim to tame prices, but recession fears are rising. The Fed faces a delicate balancing act.
  • Another oil shock may be brewing as underinvestment and supply issues collide. This threatens to further fuel inflation.️
  • China's economy remains in troubled waters due to its zero-covid policy and property market weaknesses. Meanwhile, India's economy continues to chart a strong course.
  • Housing activity in the US is dropping anchor as affordability erodes and buyers retreat.
  • Buckle up for more volatility and uncertainty as markets navigate these headwinds.
  • The strong dollar is causing havoc for emerging markets. Think capital flight and soaring import costs.
  • Europe faces an uncertain winter as the energy crisis fans inflation risks. Consumers and businesses are battening down the hatches.
  • Global growth is losing steam as central banks tighten policy. Recession risks are rising.


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