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November 7, 2022

Kilde reduces fund transfer cost 100x partnering with TripleA

Aleksandra Yurchenko

Singapore is in the forefront of innovation thanks to foresighted regulation of digital assets. Low transaction fees, instant settlement, and public transparency made a number of financial institutions consider allowing their customers to safely transact with digital assets.

The interest from our web3 savvy investors, prompted us to partner with a Payment Services Act licensed provider that allows our investors to top-up and withdraw funds from their investment accounts with digital assets. We are excited to announce that Kilde will now accept most popular digital assets thanks to a partnership  with TripleA - a Singapore based Digital Currency Payments Gateway.

The investment accounts with Kilde will continue to be denominated in USD, SGD, and EUR. Investors' digital assets will be converted to one of the fiat currencies at the time of top-up at the best available exchange rate. By using digital assets transfer, overseas investors pay on average 50 cents per transfer which is 100x less compared to average $50 in remittance fees.

Each and every digital assets transaction undergoes real time checks that assure the funds are received from the specific investor, from a known reliable source, and with digital assets obtained in a legal manner.

The partnership with TripleA is part of Kilde’s ongoing efforts to make investing into private deals accessible to a wider qualified investor base and reduce transaction costs.

About TripleA

TripleA helps businesses increase their revenue by enabling crypto payments and payouts, giving them access to the spending power of the fast-growing 300m+ cryptocurrency users.

With its white-label, easy setup, instant confirmation, locked-in exchange rate, real-time fiat conversion, and no chargeback crypto payment solution, TripleA meets the needs of all businesses. This includes e-commerce merchants, retailers, game providers, PSPs, fintech, marketplaces and tech companies.

The company is licensed by MAS, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Singapore’s Central Bank), allowing partners to operate in a fully compliant and regulated environment. To learn more, visit

About Kilde

Kilde is an income investment platform that disrupts term deposits. We offer terms from 3 to 36 months with an 8-11% yearly return. Interest is distributed to investors as often as once a month.

We generate high but safe returns by lending funds to leading consumer and SME lending companies in Asia and Europe. At Kilde, we work with every investor on the same conditions as we work with credit funds and family offices. Fairness is our promise, and we keep it.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore regulates Kilde as a financial institution dealing in securities and exempt financial adviser. Our senior team has 30+ years of experience in consumer and SME lending. We serve 200+ individual and institutional investors who gave us more than USD 9,500,000 in exchange for an average net return of 11.49%.

About the author

Aleksandra Yurchenko

Aleksandra is managing investor relations at KILDE, a regulated platform for alternative investments. KILDE is powering digital lending firms with debt capital to reach underbanked customers in South East Asia.


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