Earn hands-off regular income with up to
11.5% return per year

Monthly and quarterly coupons

Investment into consumer and SME loans of the leading lending firms

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Regulated platform for alternative investments

Attractive regular income investments are reserved for professional investors. Individual investors are left with meagre returns that are not enough to cover inflation.

Kilde brings high-yield and low-risk regular income to people like you and us.

Your investment goes to leading consumer and lending firms. In return, they use your funds to give sustainable loans to underbanked consumers and SMEs.

Regulated by MAS Powered by technology

Select investments by hand or leave it on the auto-pilot

Access your investments 24 hours a day. Withdraw and deposit anytime

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Let your
money grow

Start small, grow fast

Invest in opportunities previously reserved for institutional investors with as little as $100

Spread your investment

Spread your investment across different geographies and alternative products

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Need your funds back early? No problem. Use early redemption option without fees or penalties


Accredited and institutional investors
from 10+ countries

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Total amount invested

US$ 5,317,300

Average return

10.48% per year

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